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Author: David Ketchum and Tony DiMarco
Project: One for the Gipper—The Movie
Description: A screenplay based on the quintessential biography of football icon George Gipp by the late Patrick Chelland, and authorized by the Chelland estate. Gipp, a legend in Notre Dame football history was the first American football “rock star,” equally famous for his football skills as his exploits off the gridiron. He was a maverick, a loner, a gambler, a billiards champion, a dance contest winner, a gifted all-around athlete, and the embodiment of an era that would be called The Roaring ‘20s. His death at the age of 25 was the genesis for Knute Rockne’s “win one for the Gipper” speech, memorialized in American film and lore.  

Author: David Davis
Project: Waterman
Description: The first full-length biography of Duke Kahanamoku, the Hawaiian icon, Olympic champion swimmer and undisputed Godfather of modern surfing.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance, Print Rights Outside North America

Author: Ila Borders
Project: Making My Pitch
Description: The triumphs of the first female pitcher to win a men's professional baseball game and the tribulations of growing up gay. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance, Foreign Language

Author: Philip Reed
Project: In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing
Description: The story of golf icon Mike Austin, whose 515-yard drive off the tee is the longest on record (he was 64 years old when he did it), and the unlikely friendship that developed between a teacher (Austin) and his pupil (the author). 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance 

Author: Marty Appel
Project: Munson
Description: Biography of New York Yankees team captain Thurman Munson, detailing his life and tragic death. New York Times hardcover nonfiction bestseller for five weeks.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance. 

Author: Gary Craig
Project: Seven Million
Description:  The true story of how a cop, a priest, and the IRA pulled off the still unsolved Rochester Brinks heist, an account of the 20-year search for clues to the 1993 Brinks heist that netted $7.5 million, implicating a crew of New York City cops, an Irish priest, a network of illegal New York poker rooms, and body parts washed up in Lake Ontario.
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Bill Rodgers
Project: Marathon Man
Description: The remarkable story of Rodgers' unlikely victory at the 1975 Boston Marathon. His triumph shocked the sports world and became a lightning rod for the running boom that followed.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance, Foreign Language (except Polish)

Author: Cecil Harris and Larryette Kyle-DeBose
Project: Charging the Net
Description: A history of blacks in tennis, from Althea Gibson to the Williams sisters, with a foreword by James Blake.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Audio, English Language Outside the U.S. and Canada, Foreign Language

Author: Robert Miraldi
Project: Scoop Artist
Description: The first full-fledged biography of American journalist Seymour Hersh. Named the best journalism biography in the U.S. in 2013. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Audio, Live Performance

Author: David Pietrusza
Project: Rothstein
Description: The definitive biography of criminal mastermind Arnold Rothstein. The book was an Edgar Award finalist.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Author: Kim Dana Kupperman

Project: The Last of Her

Description: "The Last of Her is unlike anything I've ever read. A kind of family horror story: the gripping, at times shocking examination of a mother's life and death, told by her daughter. The story thus becomes an inquiry into the frightening morass of all parent-child relationships." (Peter Nichols, author of The Rocks)

Rights Available: Foreign Language, Film/TV, Audio, Live Performance

Author: Sharon O'Donnell
Project: House of Testosterone
Description: A humorous account of one mother's life in a household of males.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Audio 

Author: David Davis
Project: Showdown at Shepherd's Bush
Description: The story of the three star runners in the 1908 Olympic marathon, the event largely credited with saving the modern day Olympics and popularizing the sport of long-distance running.
Rights Available: Film/TV  

Author: George Gmelch
Project: Playing With Tigers
Status: A professor of anthropology looks back at his minor league baseball career through the prism of the social unrest of the 1960's.
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Roger Kahn
Projects: Into My Own; A Season in the Sun; Good Enough to Dream; How the Weather Was; Joe & Marilyn; The Seventh Game; and Games We Used to Play
Description: Seven titles from the author many consider America's greatest sportswriter.   
Rights Available: Print, Film/TV (except Into My Own)

Author: Bill Felber 
Project: A Game of Brawl
Description: A colorful narrative of the 1897 pennant race between the Boston Beaneaters and Baltimore Orioles.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance, Audio

Author: Bill Felber
Project: Under Pallor, Under Shadow
Description: A narrative of the 1920 baseball season, focusing on a three-month period that encompasses Babe Ruth's breakout season, Ray Chapman's death, the Black Sox Scandal, and Ban Johnson's allegations of organized corruption. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance, Audio 

Author: Bill Madden
Project: 1954
Description: The story of the 1954 baseball season and the events and players that obliterated racism from the game forever. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Foreign Language

Author: Bill Madden

Project: Steinbrenner
Description: The definitive biography of George Steinbrenner, focusing on his 35-year reign as "The Boss" of the New York Yankees. The book spent 12 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. 
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Phil Pepe 
Project: Core Four
Description: Story of the "Core Four" New York Yankees baseball players (Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera, all of whom were products of the Yankees farm system and instrumental in the team's championships in the late 1990's. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Foreign Language (except Japanese)

Author: David Pietrusza
Project: 1920: Year of the Six Presidents
Description: The story of the 1920 U.S. presidential election when, for the only time, six once-and-future U.S. presidents actively campaigned for the Oval Office. "A hugely fascinating episode in American history, told with insight and great humor, by an author in command of his subject." (Kirkus Review) 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Author: Philip Reed
Project: Wild Cards
Description: The author's first-person narrative of his year-long, casino-hopping trip counting cards with a professional blackjack player, a priest and a $30,000 bankroll.
Status: Book to be published by Skyhorse in 2016.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance 

Author: Roscoe Tanner
Project: Double Fault
Description: Autobiography of the tennis great: his rise to fame and his fall from grace. Written with Mike Yorkey.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Audio, Foreign Language, Live Dramatic

Author: Bernard J. Whalen
Project: The NYPD's First Fifty Years
Description: An inside look at the history of the first half-century of the New York Police Department focusing on the delicate if not contentious relationship between the mayors and their police commissioners.
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Dan Gordon and Mickey Bradley
Projects: Haunted Baseball and Field of Screams
Description: Two collections of stories about baseball and the paranormal as related by players and fans. 
Rights Available: Film/TV and Foreign Language

Author: Al Clark
Project: Called Out But Safe
Description: A memoir by the former MLB umpire, the first Jewish umpire in AL history, including details about his prison sentence on charges of fraud.
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Phil Pepe
Project: The Ballad of Billy and George
Description: The story of the roller coaster relationship between New York Yankees manager Billy Martin and team owner George Steinbrenner.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Other Rights Available 

Author: Marty Appel
Project: Pinstripe Empire
Description: The first pure narrative history of the New York Yankees from the team's former public relations director. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance 

Author: Steve Blass (with Erik Sherman)
Project: Pirate for Life
Description: Memoir from the former Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star pitcher and World Series hero.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Author: Ron Blomberg
Project: Designated Hebrew
Description: Autobiography of Ron Blomberg, baseball's first designated hitter and the New York Yankees' "Great Jewish Hope."
Rights Available: Film/TV and Live Dramatic 

Author: Raymond Berry
Project: Catch Me If You Can
Description: Memoir from the Pro Football Hall of Famer, featuring new anecdotes and insights into the legendary Baltimore Colts teams of the late 1950's and early 1960's.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Audio, Live Performance

Author: Nancy Dunnan
Project: Recession-Proof Your Life
Description: Advice on successfully handling your personal finances in good times and bad.
Rights Available: Foreign Language   

Author: Bud Harrelson (with Phil Pepe)
Project: Turning Two
Description: Memoir from the greatest shortstop in New York Mets history, focusing on the team's two championship seasons, 1969 and 1987. Mr. Harrelson is the only man to have been in uniform for both of the team's championships. 
Rights Available: Film/TV and Live

Author: Joanne McCallie 
Project: Choice Not Chance
Description: The head coach of the Duke University women's basketball team discusses her life on and off the court and shares her rules for becoming a successful competitor. 
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Bob McGee
Project: The Greatest Ballpark Ever
Description: An engaging history of Brooklyn's Ebbetts Field--winner of the 2005 Dave Moore Award as the year's "most important book on baseball."
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Bobby Murcer
Project: Yankee for Life
Description: The author's 40-year journey as a New York Yankees player and broadcaster.
Rights Available: Film/TV 

Author: Phil Pepe
Project: 1961*
Description: The story of the 1961 baseball season, focusing on the Roger Maris-Mickey Mantle chase of Babe Ruth's single-season home run record. A first-person account by the former Yankees beat reporter. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Author: Mary Beth Pfeiffer
Project: Crazy in America
Description: Harrowing accounts of the systematic treatment of the mentally ill while incarcerated in prison.      
Rights Available: Film/TV

Author: Sydney Schanberg
Project: Beyond the Killing Fields--War Writings
Description: A collection of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist's best articles on the subject of war.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Audio 

Author: Erik Sherman
Project: The Kings of Queens
Description: Then and now profiles of key players from the iconic New York Mets championship team of 1986.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Author: Mookie Wilson
Project: Mookie
Description: Memoir by the New York Mets great, focusing on the legendary Mets teams of the late 1980's, written with Erik Sherman.
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance

Author: Don Zimmer
Project: The Zen of Zim
Description: Memoir from the baseball icon focusing on his years as a Yankees bench coach, written with Bill Madden. 
Rights Available: Film/TV, Live Performance, Foreign Language

Rights Available